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  1. Shasar
    The electrophorus is ideal for generating energetic capacitive sparks required for vapor ignition demonstrations. The basic operational steps for the electrophorus are depicted in the sequence of diagrams below. Note that the electrode, though making intimate contact with the tribocharged plate, actually charges by induction.
  2. Mijas
    Define electrophorus. electrophorus synonyms, electrophorus pronunciation, electrophorus translation, English dictionary definition of electrophorus. n. pl. e·lec·troph·o·ri An apparatus for generating static electricity, consisting of a hard rubber disk that .
  3. Gudal
    Electrophorus is a lovely, modern calligraphic script. It features dynamic and pretty swashes and can be used for many purpose, such as titles, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.
  4. Kazraktilar
    Mar 09,  · Electrophorus are a large species of an eel that is capable of generating electricity which it uses to shock its prey. These creatures survive most of the time since they do not provide that much meat for predators and because its ability to shock can be quite painful.
  5. Fekinos
    Plural electrophori An electrostatic generator, constructed like one half of a large capacitor, the other half being any grounded surface, such as a table. A small charge is given to the electrophorus when it is .
  6. Brajar
    Charging the Electrophorus Disk To begin, a charge must be generated on an insulating plate once known as the cake - this plate is considered part of the electrophorus. The charged plate (Figure 1) should have a smooth surface and be made from an insulating .
  7. Aralrajas
    Electrophorus definition: an apparatus for generating static electricity. It consists of an insulating plate | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  8. Volmaran
    Jun 12,  · Electrophorus is a long eel like fish with a fin running from the back of its head to its abdomen. Its mouth is packed with sharp teeth to attack the small fish and shellfish that make up its diet. Color Scheme and Regions This section displays the Electrophorus's natural colors and dojurusadorardananilrajas.xyzinfo: Fish.

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