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9 thoughts on “ For Those about to Terror - Noise Desolate, Anal Stalingrad - Split (Cassette)

  1. Mekora
    The first “real” release was a split tape with P.M.S. in called Yonuss Tape. Although not a first band from Belgrade to play grindcore, URGH! managed to approach a wider audience with their sound. Searching for a new musical identity ensued, leading to another two cassette .
  2. Tuhn
    1. Terrorazor - Death Troops Revenge 2. Terrorazor - Neverending Bombraids 3. Carnivore Mind - Gorewar GrindPeople 4. Carnivore Mind - Divided into 4 Equal Parts 5. Carnivore Mind.
  3. Nerg
    As mentioned my grandfather died in stalingrad after being mobilized from africa to the eastern front he was shot by a russian sniper in his chest where he had a picture if my father his youngest son. the tag and pictures were sent back and handed to my grandmother thus guaranteeing a war pension for the rest of her life.
  4. Zulujin
    Oct 17,  · The city of Stalingrad held a strategic location. 1. It is covering the left flank/rear of the Army Group “A” advancing to the Caucasus. Stalingrad sits on the Volga river right in the narrowest gap between the Volga and the Don. Whoever controls.
  5. Samugis
    ・v.a.-straight outta concord=7'ep(usa)~¥ 強力dirty&noisy hc/punk compilation! feat:the dread,total fucked,the aborted,anal mucus ・v.a.-taste=cd(int)~¥ bacteria sour compilation! final conflictも参加してます! feat:rocket from the crypt,final conflict,evil powers me,crankshaft,strain,stovebolt,septic death.
  6. Arakus
    Project Smyl Records has released a soundtrack album for the dystopian thriller dojurusadorardananilrajas.xyzinfo album features the film’s original music composed by Nima Fakhrara (The Signal, Detroit: Become Human, The Pyramid, Crypto, The Girl in the Photographs).The soundtrack is now available to download on Amazon, where you can also listen to audio samples.
  7. Munos
    Between the winter of and the autumn of , approximately three-quarters of a million Soviet citizens were subject to summary execution. More than a million others were sentenced to lengthy terms in labour camps. Commonly known as ‘Stalin’s Great Terror’, it is also among the most misunderstood moments in the history of the twentieth century.
  8. Zurr
    Lord Gravestench 3/4/ A Library, Cassette. Circuit Wound is the solo noise project of LA’s Jay Howard, who also records as part of the groups Bacteria Cult and Wire Werewolves, and with Bob Bellerue in a duo called Redwound. Howard has been causing headaches with Circuit Wound since at .
  9. Golmaran
    On this day, 75 years ago, Adolf Hitler explains the reasoning and the military objectives for the Eastern Front in Case Blue (German: Fall Blau), later renamed Operation Braunschweig, was the German Armed Forces' (Wehrmacht) plan for the strategic summer offensive in southern Russia between 28 June and 24 November The operation was a continuation of the previous year's.

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